Coffee & Co. Roasters – A New Era in Specialty Coffee / by Amanda Jones

Those with a keen eye may have spotted a change at Coffee & Co. Roasters. Just quietly, we’ve updated our website with a slick new redesign that launched overnight, late last week.

This web-based representation is part of larger changes that have been happening at our little roasting operation. After being recognised for the quality of our product and the wealth of relationships that we have built up over the years, we have become part of the Black Drum Roasters network.

Not only is this a great vote of confidence in you, our customers, who have been quietly spreading the gospel of Coffee & Co. Roasters, whether that is in the Excalibur signature blend or our fresh approach to customer relationships, but it gives us the boost to continue to strive to take the Coffee & Co. bean further.

As coffee is the drink that gets us out of bed in the morning, it is sharing this love of an exceptionally complex product that keeps us going throughout the day. As we turn over a new leaf in our books we want to keep returning to that simple fact, and the refined drink that connects us to you.

Where will this take us next? We have an exciting series of projects in the pipeline for those who love sharing a quality cup of coffee, but if there are things that you would like to see from us, new blends, chances to get to know the coffee community or greater collaborations and partnerships, then let us know, because it is through you that we get to keep doing what we love to do.