Coffee & Co. Roasters: Making Moves / by Amanda Jones

Keeping up with us? We’ve got more news to share.

As part of our new alignment with Black Drum Roasters, our head office has moved to Carnegie Place in Blacktown. From this dedicated roasting facility, all of the Coffee & Co. beans will be getting the love and attention they deserve, before we deliver them into your hands for whatever creative inspiration you might acquire.

Sharing facilities with stablemates Black Drum Roasters not only makes financial sense for us, but we get to be part of a network of incredible coffee minds that live and breathe the liquid gold that is perfectly brewed coffee. Made up of a team of master roasters, coffee innovators and champion baristas, the team in Blacktown will be ensuring that Coffee & Co. beans continue to be the fire that kicks our creative brains into shape.

For those interested in being more involved, as we deepen our roots into the rich earth here, new possibilities will come online. Interested in stepping up your latte art game? Head out to our state of the art equipment library and learn from the masters of the gentle pour. Or are you keen to share with your customers the intricacies of a single origin’s unique flavour profile? Regular cuppings are a way of life here and sharing our knowledge across the networks is a priority. Or do you want to give your café that extra spark that brings people in from far and wide and keeps those on the street coming back for more? These guys have a wealth of experience at all types of cafes, and know how to keep regulars and travellers happy.

These are only the start of our ideas for what our new location can offer to our Coffee & Co. family. If you are interested in something more, don’t be shy. Give us a call or drop us an email, we’re only just getting started.