Nature and Nurture - November Single Origin: Costa Rica / by Kevin Crouse

Looking out towards the Pacific, this hills of Costa Rica have produced a fine single origin for November. Just as the waves crash against the shore, and the winds roll up the valleys, the coffee beans that grow in the West Valley region epitomise the inevitable cycles of nature.

Coming from Candelaria estate, one of the most renowned coffee estates in the country, the beans are grown at an altitude of 1200 to 1250 metres above sea level. While Costa Rica may be known for its political stability, geologically it is not so. The six active volcanos of the region provide a rich nourishment to the mountainous soil, that is then absorbed by the coffee plant and then turned into the unique flavours we extract from this region. 

After being processed in a washed method, the beans have then been shipped to us, here in Sydney. Having kept the roast medium to light, so as to not overwhelm the delicate flavours contained within the bean. Now, with the roast process completed, we have found notes of lemon, black tea and honey when cupping. 

Being able to discern a flavour that is reminiscent of tea highlights the lightness of Costa Rican coffee. With advanced monitoring and harvesting processes, Costa Rican coffee farmers have been able to experiment with more individual flavour profiles than coffee growers elsewhere in the world. It is for this reason that coffee from Costa Rica is one of the highest valued in the globe.

As you enjoy this bean, brewed to your specification, think of the calm breezes that have cultivated this product, and then carried it to us. Maintaining the integrity of the bean is what we strive to do with our single origin, and this has produced what is an impeccably balanced cup.