Eurobay / by Amanda Jones

While the rest of Sydney may have just cottoned on to the idea of the all-day European-style café and bistro, there’s one spot in Brighton Le-Sands that has been all over the concept since 2003.

Putting food and customer service at the forefront is Eurobay. Stepping into the all-day eatery the wall of framed portraits and scenes begins to transport one to the plazas and piazzas of Europe and the Mediterranean, where a good meal and a coffee or glass of wine is available throughout the day.

Manager Angelo Klados knows exactly what this is all about, and sees through the entire operation’s dedication to the relaxed fine-dining concept.

“We are like a European bistro, that's what we're all about. Everything we do is European, our coffee, food, the whole lot, so we try and keep to that theme.”

The menu takes inspiration from across the continent, and the diaspora that has travelled with these flavours and way of life around the globe. Starting off with small plates to share, such as the BBQ octopus with nduja vinaigrette, the menu moves into bigger territory with a range of light pasta options such as linguine marinara and spaghetti cacio e pepe. For the main, Eurobay offers a selection of meats from the grill, as well as large sharing plates including the souvlaki platter that comes with lamb, chicken and pork souvlaki, as well as grilled haloumi cheese, pita bread and a Greek salad. This is one of the local favourites, as well as the Euro Burger which has been perfect over the almost two decades that the location has been serving the people of Brighton.

But of course, it’s not just about the food, with a range of drinks both alchoholic and not, there’s reason enough to linger at Eurobay, and watch the procession down the Botany Bay strip, according to Klados.

“It's always a fun place at Eurobay, there's always something happening all the time.”

The staff here are focused on making that visit memorable, one that Klados sums up as, “customers come in for an experience and we try and give them that, make them feel happy.”

With the essential ingredient, coffee, by Coffee & Co. Roasters, it’s an all-day affair that is bookended by a beautifully rich espresso.

“It's the, the first and the last thing they have,” says Klados. “When they're having dinner, breakfast, lunch, coffee’s always got to leave an impression.”


86 The Grand Parade
Mon – Sun, 8am – Midnight