Raising the Standard of Decaf / by Kevin Crouse

Why be boring? This was the question that we asked ourselves when developing our Organic Mexican Decaf. With decaf often a pedestrian, if not disappointing experience too often, we decided to make our coffee exceptional, and an experience in its own right.

Starting from the soil in which this bean is grown, nothing about our decaf is a standard offer. We sourced the beans for this brew from Mexican growers who have been certified organic. In addition to that, not only are we limiting the use of fertilisers and pesticides, but we have ensured that our origins are rainforest alliance compliant, meaning that this bean is grown for a positive impact on the farmer, consumer and planet.

After establishing the ground work, we take the beans on their next step. Employing a mountain water decaffeination process, the beans are washed at origin. This process not only reduces our carbon impact by limiting the shipping and freight required, but maintains the integrity of the bean. While other decaffination processes use chemicals to remove the caffeine, mountain water process limits the use of artificial materials. Despite ensuring that the coffee produced is still 99.9 per cent caffeine free, the oils that give the coffee its unique flavour remain, and contribute to the profile of the final cup.

Finally, roasted in house, we have been able to produce a decaf coffee that is exciting in its own right. The efforts that we go to to maintain the original flavour profile are realised in the tasting profile of jalepeƱo spiced milk chocolate, a classic combination of chilli and cocoa that is authentically Mexican. Setting the stage for these full bodied flavours is the sweet raising that carry a caramel sweetness that you experience as the coffee touches your palette. Building to a medium body with a smooth and round acidity, this is decaf, but not as you know it.

Available in our partner cafes or via our online store, this is a decaf that we can get behind.