Cupping With Cofinet / by Amanda Jones

Coffee cupping is a unique process whereby coffee is sampled and tasted in a way that the greatest depth and variety of flavours can be discerned. With its traditions and rituals, this process is at the core of the ongoing craft of coffee, one that has never quite formalised itself into a discipline. This meeting of science and art was on display last Wednesday night, as our master roaster Scott Jones went on a journey to the flavours of Colombia.

Organised by importers Cofinet, the night was a session whereby roasters, café owners and others from the coffee industry could sample the batches that we will be tasting in 2019. founder Carlos Arcila maintained a casual atmosphere throughout, but what was being tasted was by no means accidental.

Cofinet has been developing alternative fermentation processes whose results were on display on Wednesday night. As Scott relayed to us, “the stand outs on the cupping table were Purple Bourbon Natural San Adolfo, Caturra Honey [and] Pink Bourbon Rafael Amaya.”

This focus on unique varietals, combined with the experimentations in post-harvest production methods by Cofinet and their partners, produced some exceptional results.

Proving that not everything about coffee is left on the table, however, just as the full benefits of coffee come when it is enjoyed among others, this cupping session was an opportunity for those present to connect and reconnect. Relations and friendships between Colombia, Australia and Papua New Guinea were forged where they didn’t exist before and strengthened where they were already connected.

Coming away from the cupping, Scott remarked, “I will be looking forward to the year 2019 and what surprises Carlos and his brother Filipe will discover and share with us.”