La Marzocco Sydney Local / by Amanda Jones

Late last week, we headed down to Alexandria to check in on where things are headed for coffee machines and handcrafted equipment at La Marzocco’s Sydney showcase. Simply calling itself Local, this was a chance to catch up with old friends and see what’s shaping up in the Sydney scene.

Known for their sleek yet functional design, La Marzocco’s machines are a common sight in Sydney’s cafes, and in the roaster, we are tasting our coffee everyday on the Linea PB model. With a clean design and a stable functionality, the lion from Florence sets the industry standard.

On prominent display was the Leva machine and around it conversed roasters, café owners, baristas and coffee fanatics, trying to nut out what would be the next trend in the rapidly transforming coffee industry. While there was some talk of an end to focusing on unique flavours and an alternative emphasis on the relationship behind the coffee, in our view the reality is it’s both.

Of course, being an evening event, we couldn’t all keep drinking coffee through the night, so brews were provided courtesy of Young Henrys and to go with that was hot dogs and haloumi tacos from Woofys. While it may seem unusual for the coffee industry to be so happy to get together despite being competitors, the vibe was one big family, sparking off each other, with a focus on growing and challenging each other.

Looking back on the year in coffee, there was certainly much to celebrate, as consumers and cafes become more attuned to the uniqueness of each brew, and seek to have a more in depth relationship beyond just a transaction. What 2019 will bring, only time will tell, but with a La Marzocco machine on hand, there will definitely be coffee.