Start Serving Coffee & Co / by Amanda Jones

The backbone of our business is our relationship to cafes, restaurants and stores across Sydney. It is vital that this connection remains strong as it supports the daily delivery of Coffee & Co. Roasters brews to spark the minds of individuals across Sydney and fire the collaborations that occur over a cup of coffee.
To this end we've crafted two signature blends  to service a whole range of tastes, without compromising on the quality that Coffee & Co. Roasters are known for. The first is our Excalibur blend. Roasted medium to dark with the idea of complimenting Sydney's signature beverage, the flat white, the flavours do not lose their intensity or expressiveness when paired with glossy textured milk. The flavour is made up of notes of hazelnut, vanilla and cocoa with hints of stonefruit to produce a well-rounded body and a balanced acidity.
Our second blend is an organic blend drawn from Colombia, Tanzania and Guatemala. Proving that organic coffees can and should be entering the mainstream, our organic blend is roasted medium to light to retain the subtle flavours of its origin after an espresso extraction process. Striking a balance between floral aromas of frangipani and fruity hints of ginger and marmalade, the blend produces a light, creamy mouthfeel.
In addition to our two signature blends we also offer a rotating single origin. Having this item on our roster gives us flexibility to highlight  the best of the global coffee market for that particular month and bring that to a local audience keen to develop an appreciation for the unique flavours of each origin.
Finally, we also stock a range of coffee capsules which broaden our wholesale solutions. For those who want to provide their clients or customers with a specialty coffee experience, yet without the requirements for a full barista set up our capsules are widely recognised as some of the best that Sydney has to offer, and in what must be one of the most competitive coffee environments in the world, we feel there is no higher honour.
With this range of products and solutions for our wholesale relationships, we can find a way to tailor an offering that suits you. Get in touch with us and let the ideas flow.