Learn, Enjoy, Sustain // Kenyan coffee from the source / by Amanda Jones

For this month's single origin, we've got something special to share with you. As part of our mission to provide the best possible coffee experience, two of our team members, Kevin Crouse and Toni Veziris, travelled to the source of this month's single origin to learn exactly how this coffee was produced. 

Located in the foothills of Mt Kenya, Kev and Toni were able to meet the head farmer of Gikunda Farm, Simon Gikunda Zaverio. While there, Kev and Toni were not only able to sample the unique flavours that we've harness and shared in this month's single origin, but able to understand the process and effort that goes into producing such a unique flavour. 

Currently, Kenya produces some of the most prized specialty coffees, known for their outstanding citrus flavours. As more and more coffee consumers are discovering, however, this coffee is at risk. Although it remains the world's second highest traded commodity, coffee growers are subject to the pressures of the market, and a market that is increasingly stacked against farmers. 

As avocados and nuts are able to provide better returns to farmers within a similar climactic region, farmers are shifting away from coffee, even despite its global reputation. Connecting with Simon on his farm in Kenya impressed upon us more than ever that this coffee is a unique flavour. Showcasing it as our August single origin lets us share that story with all of our community, and hopefully inspire others to treasure this exquisite taste.