Our Organic / by Amanda Jones

With more and more varieties of coffee available it can be increasingly difficult to discern what is unique about each coffee blend, roast or brand. Luckily, at Coffee & Co. Roasters we're able to stand behind our coffee as being a step above the competition. One product that we're particularly proud of is our organic blend. Rather than just being   part of a trend which can turn words like 'organic' into increasingly meaningless concepts, our organic blend is a reflection of Coffee & Co.'s philosophy as well as our dedication to providing the best product for our customers.
But first, what does organic really mean? As agriculture became increasingly dependent upon synthetic fertilizers and pesticides as our understanding of pests and how to beat them developed, farmers, processors and consumers became aware of the harmful side effects of these chemicals. The organic solution was about returning to traditional methods of growing and cultivating crops, albeit with an awareness of the latest technological trends, and not relying upon increasing quantities of chemicals.
This move away from synthetic fertilizers or pesticides not only protects the landscapes upon which our produce is grown, but also avoids these chemicals passing into our own bodies. At times, this avoidance has led to a sub-par product, but our Organic blend stands up to the standards we set when we first introduced our Excalibur blend. With organic coffee, however, seasonal variations create a greater impact on the coffee bean, which is why we periodically alter the source. This quality control makes for a product that is consistently producing aromas of frangipani and cocoa, with milk chocolate and hints of ginger and marmalade. Pick up a bag of our organic coffee today, or ask your local Coffee & Co. café to start brewing organic.