August Single Origin: Kenya / by Amanda Jones

Taking the volcanic soils of the eastern foothills of Mt Kenya as his starting point, coffee farmer Simon Gikunda Zaverio has developed a varietal that harnesses the natural advantages of the Arabica K7 species and has been selected at the highest grading point, AA+. As Mt Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa, the beans are grown at an elevation of between 1600 to 1700. This higher altitude allows for the beans to grow slower which provides more nutrients for a fuller and more mature flavour. After going through a wet processing method at Rugeju Coffee Factory, the beans are shipped to us where we have them roasted. 

Starting with the good stuff, a tropical papaya flavour graces the palette for an initial burst. This mellows out for a balanced blackberry middle. These flavour notes are delivered via a sticky body that leads to a long, sweet finish.

Not only does this month’s single origin taste great, but it embodies our approach of breaking down the barriers between coffee farmers and drinkers. Kenyan coffee is some of the best, particularly for those with a taste for citrus notes in coffee, however increasingly farmers are turning to other crops as the profits in coffee are swallowed up by middle-men. We’ve been able to source this month’s single origin direct from the farmer and are excited to be putting money back into the pockets of farmers and preserving what’s great about Kenyan coffee.

Origin: Kenya AA+
Varietal: Arabica K7
Factory: Rugeju Coffee Factory (see cupping brochure)
Area: Nkubu, Meru
Farm: Gikunda Farm
Farmer: Simon Gikunda Zaverio
Altitude: 1600-1700 Masl
Process: Fully Washed
Tasting Notes: Paw Paw, Black Berry, Blood Orange