Coffee & Co. Roasters, moving on up. / by Amanda Jones

As part of our efforts to streamline and cut through the noise, Coffee & Co. is moving to a new Facebook platform. Being part of engaged and collaborative community is important for us and Facebook is a great way for us to share what's happening for us and also to keep in touch with our partners and friends. As we introduce our new journal, to continue to share in the Coffee & Co. journey head on over to the Coffee & Co. Roasters Australia Facebook page. 

As we currently go through a period of transition, we've got heaps of exciting stories to share and we want to keep that pipeline as strong as possible. Through our Facebook page we'll be keeping you in the loop on the incredible journeys that our cafes partners are going on as they connect with customers and share our sense of community. Our new page will also keep our customers updated on our monthly rotating single origin and the voyage that our coffee specialists have been on to source and roast the best of the global coffee market. Finally, we'll also be letting you know how to get the most out of your Coffee & Co. Roasters brew, whether that's through new brew methods or seasonal variations. Interested in taking the next step in our journey? Stay part of the network: