Welcome Back / by Amanda Jones

Despite each year having its own particular beat, this week we've returned to the roastery with an extra spark in our step. Already into the swing of things, the drums are warmed up and the beans are being roasted to perfection.

While summer and particularly the period of time between Christmas and New Year is when things wind down and life takes on a slightly slower pace, for many of our café partners the holiday period is as important as ever. Despite some changes to schedule as some of us break out of our usual routine and locations, the need for coffee is as strong as ever.

With this in mind, we are back at the roastery and pumping out the fresh coffee that keeps our minds on track. After a short break from Christmas and over the New Year, we have the roasters warmed up and ready to go. In the cafes around Sydney and New South Wales that stock our coffee, the beans are back and the coffee is flowing. 

Although the slower schedule that had taken hold during the Christmas period may incline us to stay at home, there's no reason not to turn up at our local café and order a coffee to share. If your regular order may be a quick coffee to go as you dash to the station or on the way to work, now may be the time to stop in and have a longer chat with the barista, server or the other patrons that stop in at the same location as you every day. Despite crossing paths each day, we often don't take the time to know our community who share the same streets as us. The one thing, however, that many of us do have in common is that coffee ritual, and now is just as good a time as ever to share in this daily routine.