Unlocking the True Potential of Ecuadorian Coffee by Amanda Jones

Hampered by factors ranging from the local to the international, Ecuadorian coffee has not been getting the attention it deserved in the most recent wave of coffee. Despite sharing preeminent conditions for growing with its well-regarded neighbours, Peru and Colombia, Ecuador had fallen off the map. Despite this, the coffee had never gone away, and our December single origin is testament to the work of dedicated farmers who know the value of their product. 

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Tasting the Fruits of December by Kevin Crouse

Located in the Andes, our December single origin comes from a country that despite coffee being one of its primary exports until the 1970s, saw a decline in production through the end of the 20th century. Only now are export again beginning to pick up as specialty traders and roasters return to this country for the subtle, clear flavours of the coffee produced there.

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