Charming Costa Rica by Kevin Crouse

Costa Rica, known to some as the Switzerland of Central America, is an exception in almost every aspect, and this makes for exceptional coffee. Lying between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica straddles the Central American isthmus at one of the narrowest points and is buffeted by the winds of the Pacific and the breezes of the Caribbean. Putting it all together and translating that is coffee, the third largest export.

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The Woods by Amanda Jones

With more and more fine dining chefs making the jump to café-style establishments, with mixed successes, it’s worth heading back to those who were the first to make the switch. Emma Woods, previously of Rockpool, Billy Kwong and Rick Stein’s The Seafood Restaurant in Cornwall, Britain, opened The Woods Café and Deli in Earlwood, and for the past seven and a half years has built a local offering that defies fads and focuses on what the locals want.

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