Coffee & Co. Roasters is proud to be refining their reputation as a bespoke yet comprehensive wholesale coffee bean supplier. An agile business model allows us to assist you in establishing and maintaining the highest quality coffee experience for you and your patrons.

From the first conversation to the daily orders, we are working in unison with our customers. We maintain an open channel of communication where expectations can be set and outcomes exceeded. Whether you are interested in crafting a dedicated service with one of our signature blends or standing out with a unique single origin, our offerings will enable you to consistently expand and deepen your customer relationship.

If your desire is to offer an amazing coffee experience for your consumers, then Coffee & Co. Roasters is the right place.


Roast Degree: Medium-dark
Origins: Three
Aroma: Hazelnut, vanilla
Flavour: Cocoa, malty with smooth hazelnut and vanilla notes and hints of stonefruit
Body: Pleasantly well rounded
Acidity: Balanced
Finish: Sweet, powdery milk chocolate.

Description:  A solid well rounded coffee with excellent body and crema. This coffee is suited to a wide range of espresso-based beverages. The flavours are simple yet definitive. The blend is a combination of two Brazil origins and  with two Ethiopian origins drawn from either Sidamo, Limu and Guji depending on the season, and rounded out with an excitingly sweet Indian Merthi Mountain Honey Process Robusta.


Espresso Roast: Medium light.
Aroma: Frangipani and cocoa
Flavour Notes: Floral - gardenia and frangipani milk chocolate with a hints of ginger and marmalade.
Mouthfeel: Light creamy
Finish: Medium with gently fading cocoa

Description: Our organic coffee is sourced from Central and South America as well as Africa. We adjust the specific origins due to seasonal variations and take into account their harvesting quality. We strive to make our organic blend shine above all others.

The current blend has the following components:
Colombian, Tanzanian, Guatemalan.

Our two babies // Our organic coffees are sourced from Central and South America, as well as Africa. And of course the Excalibur Blend, signature blend and most popular wholesale coffee.
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Process: Mountain Water Decaffeination Process
Acidity: Smooth and Round
Body: Medium
Flavour: Sweet raisins with caramel sweetness followed by mild jalepeño spiced milk chocolate.

Description:  This certified organic, rainforest alliance, Mountain Water Decaf process has preserved the signature characteristics of the inherent aroma and flavour of the original Mexican beans. This premium decaf bean displays beautiful notes of sweet raisins with a jalepeño spiced milk chocolate. 

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