Coffee Capsules


Coffee Capsules

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Brazil naturals, Ethiopian pulp natural, Indian honey process

Our quality of blended coffee comes from selecting origins that compliment one another, each origin is roasted separately to enhance their best roast degree and then carefully blended together. Within moments of being roasted our coffee is already on it’s journey to be placed into capsules.

When the coffee has been roasted, cooled and blended, it travels to the other side of our production facility where the capsule production begins, being one of the only locations in the southern hemisphere that can roast and pack under the one roof.

This ensure optimal freshness, especially when partnered with the following process:

The Roasted coffee beans enter an oxygen free environment where the beans are transferred up to a hopper above the roller mill grinder. The milling process allows for an extremely consistent grind particle size, as the beans travel through 3 sets of mills gradually getting finer.  Along with the ability to produce specific percentages of multiple grind sizes in the capsule to produce the best possible extraction.

After milling the beans, the ground coffee is transported via sealed network into the degassing and nitrogen filled silos. While in the oxygen free environment the ground coffee is allowed to degas Co2 naturally for a time as to ensure our nitrogen flushed coffee capsule is not at the risk of breaking it's hermetic seal.

Following a period of degassing, the capsuling begins.
The ground coffee is quickly yet carefully distributed into the capsules, where they are nitrogen sealed and ready to make their way into their packs of 10,  and then into shipper that holds 6 of these packs. This ensures the capsules are protected from any bumps or squashing when in transit.

This complete roasting and packaging process ensures the residual oxygen level in the capsules is unmatched that over a year later there will still be less than 1% oxygen in the capsule.
This proves freshness when brewed, together with freshness comes flavour, clarity as well as complexity in the cup - which is one of the main reasons we go to a barista in our favourite cafe day by day. 

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