Excalibur Blend (250g-1kg)


Excalibur Blend (250g-1kg)

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Excalibur Blend is our signature blend and our most popular wholesale coffee.

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Roast Degree: Medium-Dark
Origins: Three
Aroma: Hazelnut, Vanilla
Flavour: Cocoa, Malty with smooth Hazelnut and Vanilla notes and hints of Stonefruit
Body: Pleasantly well rounded
Acidity: Balanced
Finish: Sweet powdery milk chocolate.
Description: A solid well rounded coffee with excellent body and crema. This coffee is suited to a wide range of espresso based beverages. The flavours are simple and definitive. Based on two Brazil origins and rounded out with two Ethiopian origins drawn from Sidamo, Limu and Guji seasonally and completed with an unusually sweet Indian Merthi Mountain Honey Process Robusta.