Single Origin of the Month 500g


Single Origin of the Month 500g


Okuyama // Brazil

To get the most out of our monthly single origin we set our roast to light. This means that the coffee is perfect for filter and will produce a light, bright espresso. Often these origins will be from plantations and growers that we've visited so in roasting we try hard to capture the flavours and sensations that we've experienced at the source.

Roasted weekly, keeping it light and rotating origins monthly. 

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This month’s single origin is named after the pioneering Okuyama family. Descendants of Japanese migrants to Brazil, who sought out a better life and career in the southern hemisphere, the Okuyamas turned to coffee, and have been at the forefront of innovation in this significant sector of the Brazilian economy.

Learning from the Okuyamas. Selected back in 1974 as a pilot for the development of the Cerrado region, the farm of the Okuyama family has been at the forefront of advances in agricultural technology. Today, we see that in the quality of the coffee bean produced by Edna Yumi Okuyama who is the spark behind this month's selection. Sweet, yet nutty with soft aromas, this is an example of the leading edge of coffee culture.

  • Name: Okuyama

  • Origin: Brazil

  • Roast Degree: Medium Light

  • Region: Cerrado Mineiro

  • Flavour notes: Pistachio, Brown Sugar, Light Vanilla

  • Altitude: 1,108-1,178 MASL